I think goat might be a lesbian🐏🌷

It's okay baby, it's okay, just another Tuesday.


girls girls girls/Fletcher 和訳

youtu.be Girls, I got girls, only girls 女の子、女の子、女の子だけなのGoing wild in my mind In my mind 心の中が大胆になる That night when I saw you あの夜、あなたを見た時I was about to leave 私はもう帰ろうとしてたところだったんだけどYou we…

Sun Goes Down (Buddy) /Charlotte Cardin 和訳

Charlotte Cardinが、大切な友だちを想って書いた曲。 youtu.be I've been wishin' for angelsTo come down here to save ya天使に祈ってた降りてきて、どうかあなたのことを救って欲しい You said that the good guy never winsAnd I haven't recognized yo…