I think goat might be a lesbian🐏🌷

It's okay baby, it's okay, just another Tuesday.


invisible string / Taylor Swift 和訳

youtu.be Green was the color of the grassWhere I used to read at Centennial ParkI used to think I'd meet somebody there グリーンは芝生の色 私がよく読書をしてたセンテニアルパークの芝生の色 本を読みながら誰かと運命的に出会うなんてことがあっ…

Healing / FLETCHER 和訳

youtu.be I've been feelingInside out in my feelingsUpside down, on the ceiling感じてる私の気持ちの 内側も外側も天井で逆さになるような感覚で Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah, yeah I'm finally, breathingThe smoke ain't gone, but it's clearin…