I think goat might be a lesbian🐏🌷

It's okay baby, it's okay, just another Tuesday.


Julianna Calm Down / The Chicks歌詞和訳

youtu.be Julianna, calm down ジュリアナ、大丈夫よ You know he's about to leave, but don't panicDon't give him the satisfaction that you can't handle it 彼は去っていくみたいだけど、動揺しなくて平気よ あなたが取り乱してるのを見て彼は満足する…

dorothea / Taylor Swift 歌詞和訳

youtu.be Hey, Dorothea, do you ever stop and think about me? ねえ、ドロシア ふと私のことを考えること、あなたにもある? When we were younger down in the parkHoney, making a lark of the misery 私たち、若い頃はこの公園で よく一緒に惨めさを笑…